Ambanad Hills – A Mini Munnar In Kollam

Ambanad Hills – A Mini Munnar In Kollam

Kollam is blessed with a bounty of natural beauty and is a nature lover’s paradise. You can find every type of natural feature here ranging from glorious beaches, serene backwaters, exciting ecotourism treks through the Western Ghats, milky waterfalls and of course, the mist-covered hill stations.

Though thousands of foreign and domestic tourists visit this nature’s paradise every year, the best part is that Kollam is off the regular beaten path of tourists and you won’t have to get overpowered by crowded beaches and noisy tourists here. The glorious Ambanad hills located within Kollam district offers visitors wonderful opportunities to commune with Mother Nature amid all its captivating glory.

Ambanad hill is covered with lush greenery and manicured tea gardens, and coffee, cloves and orange plantations. Along with the visuals, you will also be besieged by a wide range of tantalizing aromas that tease the cool breeze along the hill slopes here. Mist covers the valleys and the green carpeted hillsides during dawn and dusk, giving it an ethereal feel. As you drive up the scenic hill, it’s a common sight to see small waterfalls with sparkling clean water flowing down the slopes. You will be sorely tempted to break your journey and feel the cool water cascading down your body.

The best part is that this hill is a litter-free zone without any formal tourism projects. Close to the peak of this 300 meter high hill, the Ambanad Estate has a tea processing plant which you can also visit. Surprisingly the machines set up by the British are still functioning here today. There are a couple of rooms available at the estate bungalow for those who want to spend more time soaking in the captivating beauty of the hills.

It is also known as ‘Mini Munnar’ (Kerala’s highest hill station) due to its similarity in unendingly green carpeted hill slopes, crisp fresh air, mist-clad hills, endless blue horizons and cascading waterfalls. It’s winding roads and easy accessibility makes it a favorite with nature lovers, both foreign and locals alike.

Getting to this hill is very easy as all you need do is hire a cab from the city to take you up the hills. Since Kollam is well-connected with excellent highways and railway, with the nearest airport being in neighboring Trivandrum (70km away), it’s easy to get here too. There are a number of excellent hotels available in Kollam with the classic Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi being one of them. Come and get royally pampered here as you enjoy all that Kollam has on offer!