The Raviz Kadavu

Nestled along the banks of the legendary Chaliyar River, The Raviz Kadavu is a serene haven inspired by the iconic Nallukettu architecture synonymous with Malabar. Set amidst 9 acres of lush landscape, indigenous plant varieties paint a picturesque scene. Notably, nearly 90% of the construction material comprises laterite stone sourced directly from the land, echoing the rich heritage of Malabar’s natural resources.

Charm of Malabar
with a Modern Twist

The Raviz Kadavu offers the ultimate detox retreat for weekend revellers seeking scenic bliss. With a seamless blend of authentic charm and modern comforts, immerse yourself in an experience that celebrates Kerala’s hospitality at its finest. 

Embracing the rich heritage of Kerala, our 117-room property is poised to be the premier choice for event organisers, offering versatile spaces that effortlessly combine open adaptability with defined venues.

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Experiences & Activities

A plethora of enriching activities and experiences tailored to elevate your stay; From tranquil river cruises to exhilarating sports, cultural performances, and rejuvenating wellness sessions, there’s something for every discerning traveller at The Raviz Kadavu.


Explore the renowned culinary heritage of the region, where Malabar cuisine delights with its distinctive blend of indigenous flavours influenced by Arab, Dutch, and Portuguese culinary traditions.

At The Raviz Kadavu, savour the harmonious fusion of these diverse culinary influences, expertly crafted by our skilled chefs to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.

The Raviz Packages

At Raviz, we don’t just offer rooms; we provide a bespoke, immersive experience that lingers in the memory long after departure. Our meticulously curated packages promise unparalleled luxury and experiences, allowing guests to bask in the splendour of each destination.Discover the magnificence of Malabar and North Kerala with our packages.


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