Best Honeymoon Destinations In South India

Best Honeymoon Destinations In South India

There is no dearth of romantic retreats in Southern India. It could be in the form of chilly hill stations that invite cuddling or golden sands and seas that call you out for some fun and frolic in the ocean. There are also plenty of tranquil forested eco-tourism or backwater resorts which ensure privacy and romantic escapades. And then you have the world famous backwaters in Kerala that are a sight to behold.

Kerala is a lover’s dream-come-true paradise and ideal for those beginning their new journeys in life. This state has innumerable attractions to offer the newlyweds with the top-notch hospitality industry and warm, loving people. The year-round verdant sceneries are a balm to the ruffled minds that have just been through the rigours of arranging a wedding.

The best way to recover in such a scenario is in the lap of Mother Nature herself. And the best place would be to come try out the famous backwaters in Kollam, located on the banks of the huge Ashtamudi Lake. The cool green thick vegetation, the romantic grooves of swaying palms and the silent gliding movement of water provides the perfect cocoon for honeymooners. Though Kollam is a popular tourist destination, there is very little to disturb the perfect privacy needed by honeymooners.

Getting to Kollam is easy as it’s just a scenic one hours’ drive from the Trivandrum International Airport. Settle down in the elegant Raviz Resort and Spa nestled on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake. The traditional ambience of the hotel will entrance you, and if the staff gets to know you are on your honeymoon, you can be sure of getting royally pampered!

You could stay in the honeymoon suite of the main building or in one of the centuries-old cottages available on the property for greater privacy. And if you are looking for something more different and memorable, then you should definitely opt for the hotel’s houseboats nestled on the banks of the property.

The hotel can even arrange backwater cruises for you where you can bask in the knowledge of being completely undisturbed with just the onboard cook and boatman for a company. These traditional luxury houseboats are made entirely of wood and come fitted with an AC and all modern fittings. Go for an overnight backwaters cruise and enjoy the silence of the whispering waters and the starlit sky for company.
Aside from this, Kollam offers beautiful pristine beaches too that are famous for their sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

Come make the best memories of a lifetime here!