Beypore Beach

Beypore Beach

The southern state of Kerala in India is truly ‘God’s own Country’. It is sandwiched between the azure blues of the Arabian Sea to its western side and the verdantly green Western Ghats on its eastern side. Being a coastal state, it has 580km of a sea-facing belt with numerous scenic beaches located in-between.
Richly endowed with enthralling natural beauty, Kerala is well known on the global tourism map and attracts numerous tourists from different parts of Indian too. A trip to Kerala should include the Beypore beach too. This serene beach will charm you with its peaceful and picture-perfect aura. The surrounding coconut groves only add to the tranquil ambiance as they whisper away silently in the breeze.

You could frolic in the waves, enjoy some water sporting activities or simply stroll on the beach and enjoy the surf and spray. The golden sands invite you to practice some rejuvenating meditation as you soak in the sun or simply relax and enjoy the glorious sunsets. It’s a great place to bring the family as there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

One of the stunning attractions of the Beypore beach is the Pulimuttu walkway. It is a pier made up of rocks and converted into a stunning one-kilometer long walkway extending into the sea. A stroll on this pier is a thrilling experience with foaming waves crashing in on both sides.

A trip to Beypore would be incomplete without visiting the ancient wooden shipbuilding yard. Skilled workers from as far back as 1500 years ago have been building large wooden ships called dhows or ‘Urus’ in this area next to the Beypore beach. They are meticulously hand-crafted and were in great demand by the Arabs, Chinese and West Asians. The dhows are still in demand now, but at a slower pace; Arabs who earlier used them for trading and fishing, now use them for tourism.
Beypore beach also has a fishing harbor as well as one of the oldest trading ports that have been in use for many millennia now. It was initially visited by the Romans, followed by the Chinese, Syrian, Arabs, and Europeans. The Arabs mainly used it for trading in spices, with many of them settling down here and marrying the indigenes.

Beypore beach is just 10km south of Kozhikode (Calicut) city, hardly half an hours’ drive away. You can get to Kozhikode through its excellent rail and road connectivity or via the international airport located in the city. You could also stay-over at the magnificent Raviz Calicut and enjoy a truly ethnic experience!