Business Event Venue Selection Checklist

Business Event Venue Selection Checklist

While organizing an official meet can be fun, you need to realize that there is no space for things to go wrong. A good organizer is always prepared for almost every possible misadventure that could happen at an event and has a Plan B for everything. You need to prepare a checklist when organizing a meet – be it for business or social purposes, and the first thing to check out is the venue.

The venue has to be chosen with the target audience in mind. You need to have an idea of the exact number of people attending the event and hire a conference center or convention center accordingly. If you feel the hall is too big, you could always use partitions to recreate the space size. And if you are thinking of the Raviz Convention Center in Kollam, then there is nothing to worry about as this scenic resort surrounded by backwaters and seas has multiple sizes of venues available to seat different number of people. The audio-visual system in the air-conditioned halls here features the latest in technology aside from having convenient theatre-style seating.

You will need to know the social status of the guests and provide facilities accordingly. If it’s a bunch of CEOs, you know you have to provide top-notch facilities including accommodation as well as dining. The age-bracket and special needs also need to be taken into consideration.

The venue location and its proximity to where the guests hail from will reflect on the number of people who will attend. If the guests aren’t going to be staying overnight at the venue, then do keep taxis on standby for those guests who have had drinks.

The weather is one of the most crucial features to consider, especially if you are planning on organizing part of the event outdoors in the venue’s lawns. Have large umbrellas and tents ready for eventualities.

Catering is another important aspect of every event. Do check if the hotel associated with the conference centre is able to provide quality dining adaptable to the palate of the guests. Make sure it’s of the standard your guests are used to. Check that there will be enough uniformed waiters and if they will be willing to work overtime if needed. Also, do remember to check beforehand if the venue provides decorating and to what extent.

Finally, check if there will be sufficient car parking available and whether it’s secure parking.

You could always add more items to this list as you go along!