Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Nowadays couples are looking for unique and scenic venues to host their wedding ceremonies. The so-called destination weddings have become quite popular in India as well. In South India, Kerala has a lot of picturesque locations which are ideal venues for weddings. Read on to know about some of the best destinations in Kerala where you could take your wedding vows in the bountiful lap of nature. Regardless of how huge or small the crowd is, you will be amazed by the fleeting hospitality and event management services offered here. Whether you are looking for an intimate wedding venue for about a 100 guests or for a bigger crowd of over 500, there is always an option available. India is being one of the most preferred hosts for Big fat weddings.

The lush green landscapes and serene backwaters with the numerous lakeside resorts make amazing wedding venues in Kerala. The Raviz Resort located along the Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam offers spectacular views. The swaying palm groves and the emerald green backwaters create a magical ambiance to start your new journey together. The houseboats sailing along the lake waters provides an ideal hideaway for honeymoon couples. The resort staff offers personalized service for every customer and make sure that your big day is celebrated in perfect grandeur.

Theme weddings can be organized in the traditional Kerala style with the groom arriving on an elephant or a canopied palanquin to claim his bride; damsels lined up with traditional welcoming lamps or strewing perfumed rose petals into the grooms pathway as he is welcomed into the ceremonial area, replete with a live band playing the music of your choice. Or you can have a beautifully set up flower carpet leading up to the point where you say ‘I do’! Whether it’s a traditional Hindu wedding, a Christian wedding or a Western-style affair, the resort staff are highly trained to take up their duties. The menu won’t be a problem either as with the heavy tourist traffic, the chefs have picked up on all kinds of cuisines. So whether it’s a traditional banana leaf meal, Chinese or continental cuisine, you can be sure that your discerning taste buds will be satisfied!

Beaches are ideal locations for weddings and Kerala is blessed to have quite a number of them. The aura of serenity and calmness that accompany the wide expanse of sky and horizon along with the continual rolling of the ocean waves creates an awesome background to that memorable moment when you say ‘I do’ to your partner.

Getting married on sands that have withstood the passage of time makes it more romantic and gives greater meaning to your vows. Kovalam and Varkala beaches are two popular beaches in Kerala which are ideal for hosting where weddings. The marvelous The Raviz Kovalam resort situated on the slopes of a hill facing the Kovalam beach is a magical destination itself. Get lured by the views of the ocean and distant horizon as you chant your wedding vows. Varkala beach has a spectacular cliff overhanging it that makes for a fantastic wedding venue. You could get a bird’s eye view of the beach below as you stand atop the cliff.

Kerala is well connected by numerous international airports, so getting here is pretty easy too; all it needs is your will!