Lakeside Wedding Destinations

Lakeside Wedding Destinations

The day that you say those ‘I do’ words should be the most memorable day of your life and you should do everything possible to make the experience as memorable as it can be. Gone are the days when people stuck to tradition and exchanged their wedding vows in places of worship; these days the trend is to bring the priest out to where you feel your wedding will be at its most awesome best. After all, the actual wedding takes place between the two souls and that can happen anywhere as long as there is someone to preside over the formalities!

Destinations weddings are the current trend these days and people are choosing all kinds of places to declare their love and bind it in holy matrimony. Locales ranging from beaches to lakes to cliffs and even underwater have been seen in the recent past. In ‘God’s own Country’ Kerala, you can choose from the beautiful palm-fringed beaches to the luxurious greenery of lakes and the backwaters where nature is at your command to provide you with the best possible. And with so many resorts and luxurious hotels popping up in all these locations, it’s so easy to organize the wedding of your dreams in these destinations.

Kerala’s bounty of numerous scenic lakes provides you with the opportunity of a lifetime to have your wedding as well as your honeymoon in the same place – albeit after the guests leave! Whether you are looking at an intimate wedding of less than a 100 guests or a big fat wedding with more than 500 guests, rest assured that all can be taken care of by the magnificent resorts at these destinations.

Personalized services, thoughtful attention to detail as well as availability of every facility combined with the stunning views of the scenic backwaters are what you get when you decide to celebrate your wedding by the lakeside. Some of the favorite lakeside wedding destinations include the scenic Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom and the Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam. Luxurious five star hotels nestled in the beautiful greens and blues of the lush shores of the lakes here offer you and your guests all the amenities you are used to. The Raviz Resort and Spa in Ashtamudi is one such perfect location to make your dreams of a perfect wedding come true as their attentive staff are more than capable of catering to all aspects of a wedding venue.

With Indians and their fascination for big fat weddings, almost every hotel here is designed with catering to weddings in mind so whatever category of hotel you opt for, you are bound to get the best out of them. You can even have the luxury of having the groom arrive in a houseboat or an elephant to claim his bride instead of the usual horse! All you need to do before getting to these destinations is bringing your wedding finery with you. The music, the food, the flowers and the theme of your choice can all be provided by these experts. You can even get advice from them on availability of your choice of priest if you are coming from very far away! So come to Kerala when it’s time to say those two special words ‘I do’!