Memorable Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Memorable Beach Wedding Destinations in India

There is something truly magical about wedding ceremonies that brings out the goose bumps on your skin and activates those tear glands when they are not supposed to! The traditions, the vows, the soul-searching music and the beautiful flowers along with a bunch of over-emotional relatives backing you up, all make for an unforgettable memory. But the real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the church, the temple or whatever location you have chosen it to be.

Couples cherish this day like no other as it has to last a lifetime. As this all-important event holds stature that cannot compete with anything else in your life, every attempt is made to make it as memorable as possible. The current trend is to opt for something to make their day more outstanding, both in their memories as well as their guests. Enter the concept of destination weddings!

More and more people are opting for exotic foreign locations to exchange their wedding vows. While for some it’s indoor locations, others prefer the beaches with the lullaby of the sea surf as a background to their momentous oath-taking. Beach weddings have been popular in many countries, and with the recent global recognition of Indian beaches, weddings are finally finding their way onto the beaches here. Holding hands while your feet dig into cool sands and the prayers of the priest in competition with the sounds of the sea creates greater spiritual bonding….as the deep sea and untamed nature bearing witness to your vows, bestow you with their blessings too, making it an unforgettable celestial experience!

The Indian coastline is dotted with numerous beaches and the most popular destinations include the beautiful beaches of Goa, the ‘to die for’ beaches of ‘Gods own Country’, Kerala and the Indian Andaman and Lakshadweep islands.

Beaches are a symbol of the never-ending continuity of life that the motions of the waves represent. The soothing sounds of the waves as you say those magical words ‘I do’ on any of the numerous pristine white beaches of Kerala make it a promise that’s also never-ending; a continuity of life. What more symbolic place to take your vows than on the sands that have withstood the travails of time!

You can choose from any of the beaches scattered over the long coastline of Kerala; Varkala and Kovalam make for amazing beach weddings and you don’t even have to ‘go away’ for your honeymoon as this is a honeymooning paradise! Or you could add another dash of excitement and head for the famous backwaters in Kollam or Kumarakom to tie the knot….

Goa is known for its vibrancy and romantic way of life and also makes for a great wedding destination. You can choose to marry in a beach holiday resort or on a private sandy stretch of beach or even in one of the seaside churches. Another exciting option would be hiring a flower-decked yacht for that perfect moment!

The shallow beaches of Andaman and Lakshadweep islands are out of this world and beckon one and all with their pristine and peaceful ambience. The charm of being isolated would appeal to some as an ideal beach wedding destination and provides a picture-perfect backdrop to your wedding vows.

With so many destinations away from the hustle-bustle of the city, why go for a regular wedding venue when you have choices that would make your special moment even more memorable!