Points to Add to your Honeymoon Checklist

Points to Add to your Honeymoon Checklist

The most exciting holiday you are ever going to go on is your honeymoon! And while you are packing and preparing for the best holiday of your life, remember that you will be under the stress of the impending wedding celebration and all the elaborate arrangements it entails – which means that there is a high chance you might miss out on some things to pack along!

To make sure nothing goes wrong on this important trip, better to go with a checklist- that way, nothing gets missed out. Packing is an art, pack too much and you get weighed down with lugging throughout your trip. Pack too little and you end up regretting all the things you left behind and have to buy stuff locally. The solution is to have all the important emergency stuff with you, to help you sail through your honeymoon with ease. You can divide them into different lists for ease of packing:

The Must-haves – Start with the important documents like Passports and other relevant IDs; along with these place your flight tickets, visas and hotel reservation papers. Then comes the cash in the currency of the country you are visiting along with a couple of credit cards. Don’t forget your travel insurance documents either. Other than this, include a first-aid kit as it can be a real lifesaver when needed. You will also need to take your regular prescription medications, if any, as well as some basics like anti-diarrheal, antihistamines, antacids, aspirin, sunscreens as well as motion sickness tabs. There is nothing like being over-prepared in these matters!

You will also need to take along some emergency numbers – like your doctor’s and your credit card company. And don’t forget the phone chargers and adapter plugs.

Basic toiletries – Don’t take a gamble of buying locally or from the airport. Carry the essentials with you. These include your dental kit, shaving kit, shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, cosmetics, deodorants, hair gels or sprays, nail clippers and file, cotton balls and ear buds, hair accessories and hair-dryer, etc. Think of other stuff you could need and add to the list! Though the hotel may provide some of these items, better to go prepared with your own, so no unexpected surprises there!

Wardrobe – A pair of jeans and formal pants along with 4 T-shirts and an evening shirt or dress are essential for both. Swimming clothes, a wrap, a couple of shorts for both members, sunhats, sunglasses, walking shoes and evening shoes, enough underwear and you are almost there!

Do remember to leave behind your hotel contact numbers as well as your travel itinerary with a family member before leaving.