Rain On Wedding Day – 5 Things To Consider

Rain On Wedding Day – 5 Things To Consider

Your wedding is a turning point in your life. And your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. From what you wear, to the theme of the wedding, and the venue, everything needs to be planned meticulously. And that includes factoring in for the unpredictable weather conditions. Even though rain calls for a Plan B, it is a must if you are considering a destination wedding. Here are some tips on making the wedding a memorable even if the weather decides to play spoilsport.


A bride-to-be has to look perfect on her wedding day. Don’t worry if it starts raining unexpectedly. Make sure you go in for nothing but waterproof make-up. And avoid an elaborate hairdo because the humidity could spoil it. Go for something simple and cute instead and rock the look with confidence.


If the skies decide to open up unexpectedly, all is not lost. It takes just a little planning ahead. Arrange with your wedding planner to have an umbrella station at your venue. Pretty umbrellas will undoubtedly lend some colour to the wedding, and also be of great help to the guests.


Open air wedding venues have a unique charm. It connects you to nature. However, there is no saying when it may rain. It is, therefore, ideal to opt for an enclosed venue. If your budget allows for it, you could opt for a tent that covers the venue – just in case the skies decide to open up.


In India, power failures and rain go hand in hand. Make sure you have a backup plan in place in case there is a blackout. It is very important to have an inverter or a generator at the wedding venue.


Monsoons bring along water-borne diseases and food allergies. You have to ensure that the catering services use the best quality products.

Sure it does get messy when it rains – especially on a wedding day! However, although it may dampen the festivities, it is considered a good omen and said to bring you good tidings.