Resorts In Kerala To Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Resorts In Kerala To Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Getting married is akin to starting your life all over again – but with a brand-new spouse. And the honeymoon immediately after is that special romantic holiday the newly-wedded takes to get to know one another more deeply as well as create new memories together.

The honeymoon should be an unforgettable period in a couple’s life; and years later when the pinky glow and romance starts to settle down into a humdrum routine, the memories of that special honeymoon should keep the love going.

The location for this first romantic vacation together as husband and wife usually involve a lot of soul-searching as the couple usually wants to spend their honeymoon in a place that holds a special meaning to them and provides a ground of common interest to both. It should also be in a place where the couple can get ample privacy and freedom to hold hands.

Since getting to enjoy the beauty of all of Kerala might get a little tiring, why not settle for Kollam city where you can get a little bit of everything. This city is located on the banks of the scenic Ashtamudi Lake with numerous backwater resorts around to stay in. And if you are looking for a hassle-free stay layered with oodles of pampering, check out the Raviz Resort and Spa which celebrates honeymooners with special offers. Aside from the regular rooms and honeymoon suites, they also have quaint little cottages for honeymooners to stay on the property and if that’s not good enough, you could always opt for their romantic luxury houseboats that are fully kitted-out to suit modern lifestyles.

What a great way to honeymoon!