Sarovaram Biopark

Sarovaram Biopark

The Sarovaram Biopark is an eco-friendly bio-park that was created with the intention of conserving the wetlands and mangrove forests in Calicut city. Located in Kottoli, by the side of the NH bypass, it covers an area between Eranjipalam and Baby Memorial Hospital Junction. This urban wetlands area in the Malabar region in Kerala is among one of the 27 wetlands identified by the central government of India for conservation under the National Wetlands Conservation Program. The presence of these wetlands within the city limits also helps in replenishing groundwater as well as aiding in flood control.

Interestingly, this bounty of nature is located in the heart of one of the biggest cities of Kerala and covers around 200 acres of land. The park is very thoughtfully designed as eco-friendly tourism in a sustainable manner which is also aimed at boosting tourism in the Malabar region of Calicut. It runs along an 11km-long canal that connects the Korappuzha and Kallayi rivers and also brings in an influx of saline water which makes the environment ideal for sustaining the growth of the mangroves and fisheries.

The park was inaugurated in 2008 and is rich in biodiversity and perfect for nature enthusiasts. It’s a birders paradise as you can catch glimpses of a myriad variety of water birds at the bird sanctuary here. There is also an interesting otter park here where you can watch these amazing creatures skitter about their routine activities. Other captivating places of interest here include the butterfly park and the aquarium. There is also a tree covered canal walkway for a peaceful stroll or boating facilities, coracles and rafting for those looking for greater excitement.

Aside from giving you a taste of surreal natural beauty, this bio-park also has a children’s park, an open-air theatre, and musical fountains. The serene environment also beckons out to many morning and evening walkers for a wholesome rejuvenation experience. This warm embrace of nature called the Sarovaram Bio-park appeals to both the young and old as there is something here to enthrall everyone. With about 200 acres of natural beauty just waiting to be explored, a visit to Calicut is incomplete without experiencing the full flavor of the Sarovaram Bio-park.

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