Wedding Destinations in Kerala

Wedding Destinations in Kerala

Planning a destination wedding to Kerala might seem like a herculean challenge, especially if you have never been there before or if you live on the other side of the world, but with the company of friends and close family, it really is worth its weight in gold! Though the concept of destination weddings is still in its novice stage in Kerala, the location holds its own in comparison to other international destinations. A testimony to this fact is the number of chartered flights that land here every year for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty that Kerala has to offer, ranging from golden beaches, to romantic backwaters, hill stations, Ayurveda centers and the out-of-this-world houseboat rides.

Kerala has been blessed abundantly with beautiful landscaping; it’s a slim strip of land with a coastline of 580km on one side and verdant green hill ranges on the other side, known as the Western Ghats. It lies on the southwestern coast of India and is a rain-rich state full of numerous inland water bodies and a neutral temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold.

The beach weddings in Kerala are quiet popular with couples opting for the golden sands and palm groves to start off their new lives. There are so many other options to choose from also like the lakeside retreats, the romantic houseboats or high up in the cool green hills such that couples are spoilt for choice!

So the first thing to decide on would be the theme for the wedding before going any further. The beaches are a delight to be married on and the areas attached to resorts are generally private and great for a small party for 100-200 people. The fully-modernized houseboats also make for a very exclusive gathering, and so romantic to get married on while cruising down the serene green backwaters and lakes. Your other option would be the hill stations. The weather is perfect here during the summer months with a little chill in the air during the winter months. The beautifully laid-out seemingly endless green carpets of coffee, tea and spice plantations make for a great back-drop for that special moment in your life when you say ‘I do’. Numerous high-end and budget hill station resorts are available to house your guests as well as to cater for your wedding.

Kerala backwaters are famous the world over and are comparable to the canals of Venice or the Bayou of Florida; the weather here is perfect too, with the dense greenery and swaying palms adding a further mystery and allure to the blue-green waters of these natural and man-made networks of meandering waterways. So not only will you and your guests enjoy the location, you also get to get started on your new life in a spectacular location with a honeymoon attached!

With South Indian hospitality being what it is, there is no request too small for resorts to include into the itinerary, whether its majestic elephants, folk dancers, 3-day long parties or international cuisine! So rest assured that you and guests will have access to all the amenities and facilities you will need.

There are numerous international airports connecting Kerala to the rest of the world so no distance is too far! So think of Kerala too when planning on tying the knot…..