Wedding Party Tips

Wedding Party Tips

Everyone dreams about their wedding day and all the things that would make it just right. Of course, it begins with the right person standing next to you, the perfect partner you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The traditional big fat Indian wedding scenario, where a thousand people have to be present and the party spread out over at least 3-4 days is fast losing its charm. It does get a bit tiresome after a while as all you want to do is sneak away with your intended spouse and spend some quality time together.

So is it possible to have both the elaborate wedding party plus quality time together – and get to keep everyone happy at the same time too? Yes, it is, provided you choose to host your wedding and wedding party a little away from home! Ever considered a destination wedding? Only a few people including close family and friends would be ready to travel for your wedding so it’s the best way to go about it.

You first choose a location both of you would love to honeymoon in. Find a suitably elegant hotel or backwater resort there that can host your wedding and make a great honeymoon getaway too. Ensure that they have sufficient rooms to host your potential list of guests.

You also need to check if there are enough tourist attractions nearby for your guests to visit and have a small holiday of their own too. This way you can be sure your wedding will stick out in their memories for years to come. Plan on a location that’s out of the box – a lakeside wedding party seems like a great idea. To make your wedding party even more interesting, how about hosting your party on an island in the middle of a lake!

And just so that you know, Raviz Resorts and Spa in Kollam, Kerala, sits on the banks of the scenic Ashtamudi Lake and can host your amazing wedding party on one of the numerous islands dotting this beautifully serene lake. Imagine a starlit sky, sand, gently lapping waters, your loved ones, the privacy of an island all to yourselves, excellent dining provided by the experienced staff at the resort, along with all the decorations, music, dancing and even a campfire or firecrackers to light up the sky if your heart so desires!

And at the end of the day, traditional houseboats to ferry everyone back to the resort.

Surely your wedding party couldn’t get more memorable than this!